Shared use equipment and charge

In the project, six TEMs (or STEMs), one SEM, and some sample preparation facilities are available for shared use.

Shared use equipmentCharge for use
1300 kVHigh Voltage Electron Microscope(JEM-1300NEF)
 equipped with omega-type EELS
¥ 11,300
30-200 kVAtomic resolution analytical electron microscope (JEM-ARM200CF)
 equipped with cold-FEG gun, double Cs correctors, EELSand double wideangle XEDS
¥ 9,400
Cs corrected atomic resolution electron microscope (JEM-ARM200F)
 equipped withdouble Cs correctors, EELS and a wide angle XEDS
¥ 9,100
300 kV analytical electron microscope (JEM-3200FSK)
 equipped with omega-type EELS and XEDS
¥ 10,000
Analytical Lorentz electron microscope (TECNAI-F20)
 equipped with Lorentz microscopy function and XEDS
¥ 8,600
Versatile analytical electron microscope(TECNAI-20)
 equipped with XEDS
¥ 8,300
High resolution SEM with TES high energy resolution EDS
(Zeiss-ULTRA55 + SII-TES)
equipped with SDD-XEDS and EBSD
¥ 6,800
+ Liquid helium cost
Sample preparation facilities
 ・FIB:Focused Ga ion beam milling with SEM(FEI Quanta 3D 200i)
 ・Arion beam milling(Gatan PIPSⅡ M 695)
 ・Arion beam milling TEM-Mill/Nano-Mill(Fischione M 1050/1040)
FIB: ¥ 6,200
Others: no charge

Main high-performance equipment

Accounting system

 Researchers bear the costs for using the equipment. Charge of each equipment usage is shown in the right column of the above table. The charge is the same rate as users of Kyushu University. The unit charge rate is based on a 4-hour block.