HVEM workshop: Meetings and seminars on electron microscopy

 Workshops on electron microscopy are held several times a year, co-sponsored by ACNP and URC of Kyushu University. New technologies of electron microscopy are presented in the workshops, and specific themes are discussed.

Workshop Information (Japanese )

Technical training

 The URC offers TEM/SEM training programs to users. Users are trained to operate TEMs and analyze TEM data by themselves, and to improve their skills. Training consists of three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advance.
 The beginner course is compulsory for new users. The intermediate course includes seven categories of electron microscopy—“high-voltage TEM”, “analytical TEM”, “high-resolution TEM”, “Electron diffraction”, “specimen preparation with FIB”, “TEM tomography,” and “micro-calorimeter analytical SEM”. Each course consists of lectures and operation training. The advance course is tailor-made to the needs of the users.

Technical training Information(Japanese )